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Birthdate:Nov 26
Heya everybody!!!
Well my name's Sasha and I'm half Russian and half Georgian. I've lived in France since i was 5 and I've been going to an international school for 10 years and now my new language challenge is Japanese. I even brought Japanese for Dummies so hopefully I'll get to know more then i already do ;P

I am completely obsessed with Arashi right now. Since January 2009 all i do is listen to their music and watch their shows. I seriously have issues but once i get hooked on something i really can't let go -_-' but whatever, I'm extremely happy like this anyway XD
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My ichiban is Sho-kun coz he just such a bundle of fail and that is just too smexy <3 I believe that you have to be really smart to be that stupid ;P

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